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Descaling Service

Want your grimy BBQ grates and baked on oven trays cleaned up like new?

Get in touch with us about our Descaling Service. We are based in Stoke, Nelson.

Simply drop us off your gear and we will put it in our professional descaling tank for a 24 hour soak. This thing is literally like a day spa for your grills, trays and accessories. Drop them in, allow them time to soak in the descaler and be prepared to have them looking and feeling like new!

If it's filthy, baked on grime or carbonised grease that's difficult to shift, let us make easy work of it for you. It won't remove rust (it can't turn back time on that) but stainless steel and ceramic finishes come up mint.

Check out our gallery of before and after photos.

Price is $125 +GST per tank for 24 hour treatment.

Tank is 82cm x 51 cm and 57cm deep. It holds 240 Litres of hot water treatment.

Chemical treatment involved is biodegradable and non-caustic so it is safe for food surfaces.

After it's soak treatment we will simply rinse it down for you and you'll be ready to use. Temp in the tank is 75 C - so very hot, not suitable for some plastics.

Call us to book in a clean or just to find out more

Phone: 021 242 0799